Q1 2021 – Program LEGITIMATE

A private Chamber where you can explore, analyze, review, negotiate and sign-off documents such as Contracts, Quotations, Bills, Service descriptions anytime securely at your fingertips with your business partners by exchanging cryptographic protocols. Extensive algorithms are being built for verifying the authenticity and integrity of digital messages or documents equivalent to handwritten approvals with legitimate significance.

Q2 2021 – Program CARTARAY

Sandboxing a tightly controlled set of resources for guest program to run a supply chain process for a prime client and its sensitive products. From Production to quality assurance, distribution, invoicing and continuous service improvement through integrated tracing and 360 stakeholder feedback tools.

Q3 2021 – Program eCURRENCY

– A digital bearer instrument, most cash-like
– Fully interoperable with existing financial ecosystems
– Instant settlement with finality
– Retail, wholesale and cross border use
– Traceability with privacy and security enabled
– Most scalable solution

Q4 2021 – Program FETCH

Through a partnering ISP we build and manage your data communication between corporate sites secure, encrypted, in a more efficient and controllable manner comparing to today’s standards. Reduced latencies by virtual relocation of sender and receiver nodes.